A Plane Crash A Day – Opioid Overdoses

plane crash

Imagine the media coverage of a airline crashing into a hillside, or falling out of the sky due to mechanical failure. The coverage runs non stop all day long with reports of casualties, names of victims, company response, government action, cause speculation. Thankfully it does not happen everyday but it does. Just not a airliner, hundreds of people are dying each day from opioid overdoses. Imagine a plane crash a day of young people dying, there would be so much outrage and call for action and change. A plane load of people die each day from opioid overdoses.

Hundreds of young people die each day

Yet the media is silent about the hundreds of victims dying everyday from prescription drugs and heroin. Why is that? Is it because they do not all die together? Is it because society still views addicts as a lifestyle choice? Where is the outrage? Why is there no call for action? Where is the government who controls these drugs? Sadly these are not heard and cannot be found. The victims and their families are left to suffer and mourn alone.

All this takes place each and every day and the sole beneficiary of this entire process is the drug makers. The company that produces the drugs. These companies sanitize themselves by claiming doctors have the responsibility to administer the drugs. Yet, it is the same company which teaches the doctors how to prescribe and what is the dosage and the indications and the adverse effects.

Drugs designed to create addiction

Envision a plane manufacture designing a plane that when used properly kills. The very design destroys the people who it is meant to transport. This comment seems so absurd but that is what is happening each and every day in the United States. Drug companies are producing daily opioid narcotic prescription pills by the ton and are consumed by addicted patients. Patients whose original indication for the prescription is long gone. For those who find that prescription pills or pharmacy bills are too expensive, they are turning to heroin as a quicker and cheaper alternative.  The end result is the same, opioid overdose deaths each day kills a plane load of young people and nobody hears about it.