Opioid overdose victim’s obituaries

Fox news ran a story about how families whose children have died from opioid overdose are changing what they say in their obituaries. It seems as if this is the last attempt from families to cry out in rage and frustrations. Rage at a system of government and opioid drug companies that conspire to medicate the citizens of the United States. Frustration about a society that views drug overdose victims as a choice. Albeit a bad one but still a choice to use opioids.

Here you can read the story but the gist is that families are coming clean with the reason their children have died so young and tragically. Their hope is that they can send a last message to those who knew the child that they died needlessly and without cause. Their child died because of a system that treats them as a criminal.  They died because they were addicted to heroin after not being able to obtain their pharmacy brought pills. The death resulted because of an untreated medical illness called addiction. These children died because society views them as dirty and weak.

Saying Goodbye to Opioid Victims

Normally obituaries are meant to be a final farewell.  To a life long lived and well deserved. But how do obituaries work for young heroin opioid overdose victims? How does obituaries work for children dying from opioid use? What do you write for a summary of a child’s life that ended in a drug overdose? Can you sum up a life that ends so tragically with flowery words? You cannot. So these families are writing the truth about opioid overdose, which has been hidden for so long. My child died of a opioid drug overdose! It was something that could have been prevented. These parents are hoping that other families and other parents will read the obituary and take action. To not overlook that their children’s addictions or recreational drug use are not optional.  That any recreational drug use is very serious and can end in death.

There is a saying in the 12 step program for narcotics, that the end result of drug use is jails. institutions, or death. Institutions is a reference to drug rehab and despite the Hollywood spotlights of celebrities going to rehab, the reality is that only a few percent of drug addicts ever have this option. Drug rehab centers are filled with very lucky people because the other two results jails and death are not something a sane person chooses.


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