How did opioid Fentanyl get into consumer hands?

How does a drug called Fentanyl which was designed for surgery get prescribed for a therapeutic use? Never mind there is no such thing as therapeutic use regardless of the dosage the doctor prescribes. These drugs have no therapeutic value because they cause addiction in every single instance of a user who takes the drug more than 72 hours. Does anyone ever ask this question?

How did drugs so powerful get into consumer hands? Most of all, why does nobody ask this question? Drugs such as Fentanyl do not even exist in other countries because the respective governments acknowledge there is no therapeutic use. Countries such as Costa Rica know a drug brand such as Fentanyl creates absolute dependence and in the end brings harm to both the user and the society they live in.

Fentanyl’s Legal Drug Pushers

The new drug lobby in the United States is not sitting in Washington DC. The new opioid drug pushers are twenty something, pretty woman lobbying doctors all across the United States and around the world. They visit doctors at the hospitals and their offices to push their companies drugs. This is done on a daily basis and their salary bonuses are based on the increase in the number of prescriptions for the drug.

Pharmaceutical representatives are the new age drug pushers. Careful talking points which helps the doctors learn to prescribe new drugs for indications which they normally would consider. They take the word of a young aggressive woman who promises a weekly visit and bright smile and lunch meetings. Millions of samples are provided to doctors. Handing out to patients in a, “try this” and let me know if this works for you. McNeil Laboratories back in the 90’s did this with a drug called tramadol. Producing hundreds of millions of Ultram sample pills. ¬†They did this knowing dependence of the drug would result in the patient coming back for a prescription or refill. For almost all of the new age drug pushers, it is a numbers game. Therefore, it is get as many people to try the drug and the chemical will bring home the money.

Fentanyl is out of control

This is disgusting and abusive business behavior. Rather, the government of the United States under the auspices of the FDA did nothing.

Furthermore, despite the studies and the massive number of opioid deaths, Fentanyl continues to be prescribed by doctors as a therapeutic option. Insurance companies cover the cost for patients and many of those patients are part of the supply chain. Fentanyl patients know due to the high street value of the patches, it is in demand. If they know someone who wants to buy them, it is an easy money maker for them. Despite drug companies being aware of this practice, they do nothing and in conclusion they actually facilitate it.

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