Racism and the Opioid Epedemic

It is an absolute tragedy and humanitarian crime to send someone to jail for using illegal drugs. It is mind blowing to think that people are in jail for their personal use and their addiction causes them to make poor decisions which leads them down a road of personal destruction. However, there is a big distinction between robbing and killing someone in order to obtain money to purchase drugs in which they are addicted to than personal consumption. Crimes such as these, while rooted in the addiction to legal or illegal substances must be punished. The justice system also does take into account first offenders whose crimes result from addictions. I read a comment the other day which made me sick and twists the issue which we are facing as a nation.

I cannot recall where the comment was but I copied and pasted it to write about it later. It said, “now that white people are addicted is it called a epidemic” or “if you are black and addicted you are a criminal but if you are white and addicted you are a victim” “so now that whites are affected it is a “problem” you are not going to call them “thugs” ??? now we have to a solution huh? instead of sending them to jail ??”

This comment just like Black Lives Matters attempts to twist issues by aligning them to a group of people without discussing the real issue. It is as if, we are not allowed to discuss the opioid epidemic or call it that because violent criminals, albeit addicted, but violent criminals are in jail because of the choices they made.

The opioid epidemic is a big issue not only because of the number of people who are addicted but because of the number of people dying every day from overdoses. The number of deaths related to “thug” related deaths pale in comparison. What makes this issue all the more tragic is that this is big business doing what the tobacco companies did for years. While it took 30-50 years for a person to die of lung cancer and they knew that damage was inevitable when used correctly. Drug companies who make the opioid chemicals 500 times more addicting know very well that people can become addicted in a short time when used as directed. They call it dependance and withdrawal discontinuation symptoms. They also know that patients are 90% more likely to request refill’s of the drugs even when the original usage no longer is relevant and when the medical system cuts them off, these prescription addicted patients turn to street heroin to avoid the terrible side effects of withdrawal.

So when reading a comment like this person left, just tells me they are bitter and they themselves feel they are the “real” victims and lash out because they are jealous that media attention is now being given to opioid addictions.

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  1. Black people will do anything to further their own agenda. If they are not the first victim on the totem pole they go nuts. People need to see this for what it is and it ain’t about them as a group.

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